6 Reasons To Work With Us


REPUTATION: When shopping for a home, how do you know what makes one property better than another?  After all, any construction company can build a home for sale,  but how do you know as a home buyer how the home will perform and what to expect if you need help with a follow up or warranty attention?  The simple answer is to rely on the reputation of the builder.  Horizon Northwest has earned an unsurpassed reputation based on quality, integrity and stability from a growing list of satisfied customers.  Ask our customers for yourself.

EXPERIENCE: When you buy a home from Horizon Northwest you are purchasing over 25 years of experience from a veteran homebuilder.  We know what works and what doesn’t.  You benefit from that experience the moment you move-in and start enjoying the comfort and livability of a Horizon Northwest home.

QUALITY: All building companies have certain standards that they are willing to integrate into their homes.  These standards  are based on the integrity of the builder and more importantly the personal comittment of the builder to a customer’s needs and expectations.  ”Good Quality,” can only be accomplished by developing a construction team over the years, based on long-standing relationships and demonstrated reliability to achieve a consistent level of performance.  As well as a  stable team of craftsmen, the individual components of the home also relect the builder’s overall commitment to quality.  Items such as custom-built cabinets, pre-primed cedar siding, energy star certified home program and custom finish carpentry all add up to the “Quality of the Home.”

COMMITMENT: Any building company can say they are commited to quality, performance and value.  At Horizon Northwest we expect to earn our customer’s satisfaction everyday as demonstrated by the luxury and livability of our homes for sale and our custom home building program.  We give you personal attention at every stage of construction and have the building team that is commited to providing you with the attention and satisfaction that you deserve and expect.

LIMITED NUMBER OF HOMES BUILT: Along with the quality of the homes comes the ability of the builder to properly supervise and control the homes that he builds.  The building team at  Horizon Northwest constructs a limited number of homes each year, because we know this is the only way quality, comfort and livability that you deserve and expect can be accomplished.  Dennis Durdel principle of Horizon Northwest, personally plans, supervises and controls each home from start to finish to ensure this commitment to quality.

YOU DESERVE THE BEST: At Horizon Northwest, every home is planned based upon the needs of the customer, from start to finish.  We take the time to select the best designs, materials and components, for your home, to ensure years of satisfaction.   We understand what it takes to plan, build and service the home of your dreams, providing you with the lifestyle you deserve.